THE MOST DURABLE VELCRO HOOK YOU WILL EVER OWN!! Hang artwork and frames securely and easily with velcro picture hooks from Harmon Hooks. Our velcro picture hanging hooks work great on ProPanel displays.

Harmon Hooks were developed from a need to be able to quickly hang artwork on display panels at art shows. My dad spent so much time fussing with curtain hooks which not only hurt his fingers but also destroyed his display panels. After displaying art at numerous shows spanning over 50 years, he decided to create Harmon Hooks. 

Harmon Hooks are comprised of Velcro and a low profile metal hook which makes hanging your artwork quick, easy and damage free. They are easy to install and easy to remove so hanging your artwork at art shows is easy and pain free.

"Display panels" can be panels, pedestals, print bins, sales desks, tables, etc. Harmon Hooks will stick to anything with the loop type material. Use Harmon Hooks to hang your art, products, jewelry, clothing , etc.  We say, when one won't do, use two -- or more.

Harmon Hooks are sold across America and now internationally to artisans of trade shows, craft shows, art shows, exhibits and museums. Let us know how we can help you display your art quickly and easily.


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